Wow … I absolutely loved tonight xxx thank you all for making me feel so welcome …. As Arnie once said … I will be back xxx



This is so much more than a choir! The woodland voices gives you an opportunity to find your voice in a safe non judgmental environment. You are never restricted to a section (soprano, tenor etc) and instead have the freedom to move around to see what feels right for that particular song,which suits me fine. The tunes are quick to learn, easy to remember and so beautiful to listen to. This group and its members have me in stiches with laughter but it is equally a safe place to feel emotional (the beauty of some of the songs can certainly bring a tear to the eye). The cross section of members, the amazing group leader and the peaceful woodland setting means this is a choir like no other. It has been a lifeline for me through some difficult times, but no matter what my mood on the way in I always have a smile on my face when I leave !


Last night was lovely, thanks Sue. And thanks for everything you do for our group – finding it has been one of the highlights of the year. I love it every week and find it so relaxing, enjoyable and get so much more confidence from doing it. Thank you, you are wonderful 😀, Sxx


Thank you for letting me join you for singing yesterday. It was really lovely and I felt so welcome. Sad that I live too far away to attend regularly but hope to be back again before too long.